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“I can think of no one better to represent the Ward of Cheap in the years ahead.”

The Rt Hon. John Glen MP, Paymaster General and Cabinet Minister, former Chief Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister.

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“Robert has strong links across the City and Westminster which he puts to good use promoting the City’s best interests”

The Rt Hon Sir Stephen Timms MP, Chair of Work & Pensions Select Committee

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“Finding leaders in business – especially in financial services – who see the true merit in building inclusive and diverse cultures is a tough call…it’s not a priority metric ….but it is in today’s globally connected world, let alone the City of London a real indicator of the character of a leader who sees their role as serving the greater goal of opportunity and fairness and justice ….that’s Robert all over …a confident and open hearted man who genuinely embraces inclusion and demonstrates vivid values.”

Lord Dr Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE, Professor of Leadership at the Stephen Covey Leadership Centre and Chair of SOAS Board of Trustees.

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"Robert works hard to seek a better City where every business and worker can prosper, contribute and flourish"

Baroness Stroud, CEO Alliance for Responsible Citizenship and House of Lords

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“Robert continues to make a significant contribution to the business at a senior level. Having spent over 30 years successfully navigating difficult financial markets and sponsoring change in the organisation, he is very well equipped to serve the City and loyally represent businesses in Cheap in the years ahead”

Paul Stockton, CEO Rathbones Group Plc, incorporating Investec Wealth & Investment, Gresham Street

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“Robert is committed to making a difference in society, demonstrated through various City charity and church commitments over the 25 years that I have known him.”

Suzanne Avery, portfolio Non-Executive Director and Church Commissioner

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"Robert served as a Trustee of Trust for London for six years and I was very impressed with Robert’s interest in, and commitment to, addressing the needs of Londoners affected by poverty and inequality. Robert was actively involved in grants assessment visits to applicant organisations, invariably asking searching questions. The Trustees and I were sad to lose Robert’s wisdom and guidance."

Bharat Mehta CBE, former CEO of Trust for London

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"Robert is an undoubted City financial professional and has extensive experience serving and leading on a number of key strategic bodies and organisations across the City. He is a man of deep integrity and I believe ideally qualified to serve the Ward and City as an Alderman."

Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chair, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, City of London

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"I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Robert for his instrumental role in the tremendous success of the 2023 SWFI Global Wealth Conference. This groundbreaking initiative, held at Guildhall in the heart of London, brought together the world's foremost global public investors for a $6 trillion dollar hall. Through Robert's unwavering dedication, the City remains a vibrant and attractive hub for business, fostering growth, innovation and valuable investment partnerships. Together with the City Corporation, we look forward to unlocking further economic potential and ensuring prosperity for all."

Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

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"Alderman Hughes-Penney has brought all his skills and talent to bear to ensure that the interests of business and individuals are properly represented in the City.  He has been bold in championing sustainable investment and the unique role that London plays, as well as building and championing the local community."

Eoin Murray, Head of Investment, Federated Hermes, Cheapside

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“Robert’s commitment to working with Ward and City businesses and workers, promoting productivity and community, is very clear. This has never been more important than at the current time, and we have confidence in Robert’s ability to make a real and lasting difference.”

Jeremy Goodwin, London Senior Office Partner, Eversheds Sutherland, Wood Street

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"Having been in the Ward of Cheap for the past 8 years, we've experienced firsthand how Robert and his team have been exceptional advocates and representatives for small firms like ours in the City. They have shown a strong commitment to listening to our views and have proven their effectiveness in driving progress in the city."
Petronella West, CEO Investment Quorum, Gresham Street
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"As Patron, Robert gives strong support to the Ward of Cheap Club and takes a keen interest in its activities. His wide experience of the City ensures that the Club is closely aligned with the interests of people who work or run businesses in the Ward."

Patricia Edmunds, President, Ward of Cheap Club

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"Hard to believe that it is almost six years since we elected Robert as Alderman for the Ward of Cheap. What a good decision that has turned out to be. The Ward looks forward to six more years in Robert's care."

Adrian Waddingham CBE, Past President Ward of Cheap Club and Past Sheriff City of London

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