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30 April 2023

The City gets ready to greet its new King

Join in with a wide variety of events and activities in the run up to the big day and over the Coronation Bank Holiday weekend itself, in the City of London. From Tuesday 2 May, the City BIDs including the Cheapside Business Alliance are leading the way with celebrations to reflect the King’s passion for the environment.There’s Coronation fun at City attractions too – find out what’s happening at Leadenhall Market, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Guildhall Art Gallery and St Bartholomew the Great. Plus: Royal-themed guided walks with official City of London Guides, and Coronation-inspired Afternoon Teas.City Residents can also enjoy special celebration tea-parties. For more about picnics, outdoor workshops, floral decorations and the Big Coronation Lunch – click here. Hampstead Heath – 8 MayOn Monday 8 May, the City of London Corporation and Barnet Council will host a free, fun-filled celebration at Golders Hill Park on Hampstead Heath to commemorate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.The community event will run from 1-9pm with music and entertainment on the bandstand, a fun fair, circus workshops, food stands, and Coronation-themed arts and crafts stalls. People are also encouraged to bring their own picnic.A light show from 8.30pm will close the event, which is open to everyone.The live music programme includes:You can register for a free ticket here.The Anointing ScreenThe Anointing Screen has been designed and produced for use at the most sacred moment of the Coronation, the Anointing of His Majesty The King.The screen combines traditional and contemporary sustainable embroidery practices to produce a design which speaks to His Majesty The King’s deep affection for the Commonwealth.The screen has been gifted for the occasion by the City of London Corporation and City Livery Companies.The Cross of WalesThe Goldsmiths’ Company has led on the making of a historic commission of a new processional cross for the Church in Wales – the Cross of Wales, designed and made by master silversmith Michael Lloyd. The Cross will lead the Coronation procession at Westminster Abbey on 6 May.The cross was commissioned by His Majesty The King, as Prince of Wales, to celebrate the centenary of the Church in Wales, with The Goldsmiths’ Company delivering the design and production processes.


18 December 2022

Consultation on new square in Ward of Cheap

City Corporation has written to local stakeholder with an update on the so-called St Paul’s Gyratory Project – inviting them to take part in a brief survey. Anyone who lives, works or visits the area can participate. This project aims to improve traffic flow put most importantly it proposes to create a fantastic new public square at bottom of King Edward Street, next to the new redevelopment of the old BT centre site.

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18 December 2022

City of London libraries offer warm space for residents

City of London Corporation libraries are offering a warm and friendly welcome to City residents this winter to help them beat rising living costs. The Barbican Library, Artizan Street Library & Community Centre, and Shoe Lane Library will hold a series of drop-in activities for adults and children over the next few months.

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11 December 2022

Ward of Cheap team 2022 Annual Report

As we are preparing for Christmas and a New Year, we are looking back as a team on a busy year representing the wonderful Ward of Cheap and the City of London. From supporting the Lord Mayor in promoting the City, to ensuring our business district remains the safest place to do business, work, visit and live, to developing a blue print for the Square Mile as a Destination City.

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20 November 2022

City Corporation appoints new Town Clerk

This week Ian Thomas CBE set out his vision for the City of London Corporation at our Court or Common Council meeting earlier this week, before a vote to endorse his appointment as our new Town Clerk and Chief Executive.


12 November 2022

New Business Talk event announced

The Ward of Cheap Club and the Cheapside Business Alliance are pleased to announced a new Business Tea Time Talk on ‘Net Zero and Beyond’ with Lord Browne of Madingley as guest speaker on 21 November.

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19 October 2022

Public consultation on plans to improve space for walking and cycling

A public consultation has been launched (open until 30 November 2022) asking a series of questions relating to how people feel they are impacted by temporary traffic measures aimed at improving spaces for people to walk and cycle in the City, and if they support the measures being made permanent.


09 September 2022

City of London mourns

Today the City of London mourns joins the nation in mourning the death of Her Majesty The Queen. This is a moment of great sadness, but also time to reflect on Her Majesty The Queen’s momentous reign – characterised by an unfaltering commitment to public service. A role model to us all.

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03 August 2022

England’s ‘Lionesses’ to receive Freedom of the City of London after triumphant win at Wembley

The entire England Women’s Football Team will be awarded the Freedom of the City of London, in recognition of its dramatic 2-1 win over Germany in the European Championship Final at Wembley.


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18 May 2023

London City Mission Reception – Mansion House

An uplifting and thought-provoking message, shedding light on the compassionate endeavours of the London City Mission.

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25 April 2023

Individuality and community: the value of shared wisdom

To make sure the City of London operates at its best in the coming wisdom age, serving the nation and doing genuine good across the country and beyond, we need to listen to all parts of the society we serve for inspiration and greatest levels of interdependence so that we're not just self-serving or existing in an echo chamber. Inspired in part by Stephen Covey’s, The 8th Habit, I think there’s enormous opportunity for the City going forwards.

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10 March 2023

City of London Wealth Management Awards

The City of London Wealth Management Awards (COLWMA) promote, acknowledge and reward the quality of service provided by Wealth Managers. COLWMA is unique in that the winners in each category are determined by the investors themselves who cast votes online via the Goodacre website. In 2022, some 45,000 votes were cast from members of the investing public.

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23 February 2023

Reflecting on the Rules for the Conduct of Life

Reflecting on the Reverend Canon David Parrott's revised publication of the legendary book, the Rules for the Conduct of Life, there are lots of lessons we can learn for navigating current challenges with human decency and commercial integrity.

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10 January 2023

Trade is the first line of defence 

With my own military background, now viewed through the lens of a career in the City, I believe trade delegates and our armed forces have an important role to play in working towards a positive future for the UK as well as our international allies.

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12 December 2022

Looking forward with hope - economically

As the FTSE 250 Index celebrates it's 30th anniversary, it's a time for reflection on theist and looking forward with hope for the economy.

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31 October 2022

The City and ‘serving the nations’

The City of London has an important and powerful role to play in supporting the UK and our international allies at this moment in time. Its economic importance cannot be underestimated, and while its position when things are good is important, its skills, expertise, power and values are even more poignant when times are hard. For me, the role of The City is about service - as individuals to The City, as companies to our clients, and as The City to the nation and the world. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to serve.

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11 October 2022

How The City can support individuals across the UK

The City is a centre of commerce and trade, but it’s ultimately here to serve people. By thinking about it that way, I think we do our jobs better, more compassionately, we serve the community as a whole, and we remain focused on the higher purpose of everything we do.

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04 October 2022

200 years of independence in Brazil

Having been born in Brazil, it is a country that I have much affection for, and so it was a particular delight to join The Ambassador of Brazil, Mr Fred Arruda, and Mrs Lenice Arruda, at Cadogan Hall for a celebratory concert to mark the 200th anniversary of Brazil's independence last month.

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03 October 2022

Annual Report Launch speech 2022

Robert Hughes-Penney, Alderman of the Ward of Cheap, thanked all who came to celebrate the CBA Annual Report launch for 2022. The work of the ward had been focused on building community among workers and businesses in the City. In collaboration with the CBA and the City of London, the ward will continue to work toward maximising efforts to support London's businesses and increase economic prosperity.

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14 July 2022

Manchester Metropolitan University Graduation

It is a day for celebration. The Bridgewater Hall is full of students and families celebrating their achievements, and as I stand here I can feel the sense of pride, hope and ambition that radiates off these new graduates.

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14 June 2022

What kind of place do we want The City to be?

I wanted to take a moment to think about the role we can play as a community in the City of London to ensure a compassionate environment in which we live and work.

Ward of cheap

29 March 2022

Is tradition still relevant in The City?

Tradition is a big part of the City of London - its structure, its governance, its architecture, and in plenty of the annual rituals and ceremonies. The question is, are they still relevant or is it just pomp and circumstance?

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10 February 2022

An incubator for world-leading innovation

The City of London has always been a place of growth and innovation, and post pandemic data shows that it’s continuing to honour that tradition.

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06 February 2022

Patronal Service of St Vedast-alias-Foster

Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney's Address at the Patronal Service of St Vedast on 7th February 2022

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24 December 2021

Finding balance in the City of London

While the big picture when it comes to finance is looking cautiously optimistic, it's important to remember the individuals and personal plights that surround us. However, I also hope that the overarching economic view can provide some sense of encouragement for all as we look to a new year.

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30 November 2021

Supercharging the UK’s communities

Levelling up isn't just about government supporting community - it comes from community as well, with each individual, business, and organisation doing its bit where it can.

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30 November 2021

Spears 500, Recommended 2021 HNW Wealth Manager

The Spears Index includes a range of advisers dedicated to looking after private client funds. Spears rank UHNW and HNW wealth managers, private bankers and the leading recruitment consultants that work in this area. As well as London one can also find their recommendations of advisers in financial centres such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Channel Islands.

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11 November 2021

Hughes-Penney's at the Bank of England’s Act of Remembrance

Arranged by the Bank of England Christian Union and the Bank Employees That Served network

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26 October 2021

A City of compassion on a global scale

When we think of the City, we think of commerce, business and career ladders, but community, charity and compassion also play a significant role both within the City itself and as part of its global endeavours.

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20 September 2021

Back to school in the City of London

This year, September’s traditional ‘back to school’ mantra takes on new significance, as for many it’s not only a return to the classroom but also a return to the office in the City of London.

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27 April 2021

South Africa's National Day and Future Trade Opportunities

Today, Tuesday 27th April, marks South Africa’s National Day, otherwise known as the National Freedom Day

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07 December 2020

The City of London’s Commitment to Charity

As we enter the Christmas period, and with it the season of thinking of others, generosity and making gifts, I would like to reflect on some of the charitable activities undertaken in the City.

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26 November 2020

The Mayflower...

...and a Cheapside Haberdasher's involvement

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27 October 2020

ESG and Impact Investment Space Future

This month marks the end of my four-year tenure on the board of Investing for Good, an impact-driven sustainable and social finance intermediary. Founded in 2004, Investing for Good has a mission to grow the pool of investment capital that is mobilised for social purpose, resulting in measurable benefits for society. My departure seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the recent evolution of this investment space and look ahead to its future in light of the global pandemic.

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20 October 2020

Now is the time for leadership and progress

Over the course of the last eight months we have relied heavily on the use of digital communications. In many ways we have probably leapt forward in a matter of weeks what would otherwise have taken years, and in many places, this has been very effective. However, the way we have been operating cannot be a complete or a permanent alternative to the economic, social and infrastructural value of the traditional way we do business in the UK and its economic heartland, The City of London.

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16 October 2020

The City Prayer Breakfast 2020

The 2020 Annual City Prayer Breakfast was recently held on Wednesday 14 October 2020 and because of COVID restriction was held virtually.

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04 October 2020

Results and Relationship: Reimagining Success

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges into view that we never saw coming.

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22 July 2020

A time for patience and practical considerations

It has now been four months since many of us left our offices in the City of London to work from home, and while 'normality' is still some way off, it is a good time to reflect on what has been achieved as well as what we can, need and want to do moving forward.

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25 March 2020

Message from the Alderman of the Ward of Cheap

Recent weeks, and in particular the events of last week, have understandably caused high levels of anxiety. Firstly, for the health and wellbeing of our friends and loved ones, and also because of the impact coronavirus is having on businesses and jobs in the City and across the UK.

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28 January 2020

Guild of Investment Managers Annual & Civic Dinner

Welcome Speech At The First Annual Dinner

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20 December 2019

City's Investment Managers Guild

The Guild of Investment Managers was set up in 2015 and has the ultimate aim of becoming the Worshipful Company of Investment Managers – joining the City of London’s 110 existing livery companies.

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19 June 2019

Partnership project between Theos and St Paul’s Institute.

I am pleased to be a Theos Supporter to help shape the conversation to show how Christianity, and faith, are part of the solution for a better society – not part of the problem. They have recently published a very insightful report.

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05 November 2018

A Rich Tapestry of Communities

The City of London is a location and an environment that to many looks to be as impersonal as they come - filled with imposing office blocks and impenetrable reception desks backed up by security. But behind this façade, as I discovered on my route to becoming an Alderman of the City of London in July 2018, there is a rich tapestry of communities.

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31 December 2017

Spears List Of Top Wealth Managers

Click here for the profile on the Spears' list.


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07 May 2023

RT @cityoflondon: The #Coronation celebrations in the City continue today with a Big Coronation Lunch in Aldgate Square featuring food, mus…

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07 May 2023

RT @Robchp: As we continue to enjoy the celebration of #KingCharlesIII Coronation there is the opportunity to attend the Service of Thanksg…

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30 April 2023

RT @cityoflondon: On Monday 8 May, the City of London Corporation and @BarnetCouncil will host a free, fun-filled celebration at Golders Hi…

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30 April 2023

The @cityoflondon gets ready to greet its new King. Overview of events in Square Mile 👇

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22 March 2023

RT @alastairmmoss: Great turnout for the Annual Ward Mote (electors’ meeting) in the City Ward of Cheap today. Thanks to @Robchp for his ex…

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20 May 2023

Many congratulations @AndrewC_Marsden

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07 May 2023

As we continue to enjoy the celebration of #KingCharlesIII Coronation there is the opportunity to attend the Servic…

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05 May 2023

RT @jchatterleyCNN: "Absolutely spectacular and riveting" #London @citylordmayor Nicholas Lyons provides a taste of the dazzling jewels to…

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03 May 2023

RT @BritishArmy: We’ve been rehearsing overnight for the #Coronation. Under cover of darkness, 7,000 soldiers, sailors, and air force pers…

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14 April 2023

RT @cityoflondon: To reach #NetZero, we need to transform the economy. Join us at the Net Zero Delivery Summit this year for our chance to…